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Parliamentarians call against liberalisation of public services, especially in developing countries, in the GATS framework
A call from European and National Parliamentarians against liberalisation of public services in the framework of the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) has already collected over 100 signatures.
The call and the campaign to parliamentarians were prepared with Susan George, Vice-President of ATTAC France and Harlem Désir MEP and with the support of the European branch of the International Parliamentary Network created in Porto Alegre. This is part of a wider campaign led by a group of NGOs in different countries of the EU (Friends of the Earth Europe, World Development Movement, etc...
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Special Porto Alegre 2003
Download the document of the Parliamentarian World Call for the 'Tobin Tax'
Johannesburg Conference
Parliamentarian call to save the Earth Summit

The International Parliamentary network created in Porto Alegre, has launched an initiative, “Save the Earth Summit”, in view of the upcoming summit. They highlight 10 priorities that would help the Johannesburg Conference produce concrete results for sustainable development, including the installation of a Tobin type tax.
Below is a campaign for signatories along with the full text of the declaration. The aim of this initiative is to gather as many signatures as possible from world parliamentarians and to present the text to the media at the beginning of the summit in Johannesburg.

Following the vote at the Canadian Parliament on a report in favour of the installation of a Tobin type tax, the launch by 100 Brazilian Parliamentarians of a 'Parliamentarian Front for the Tobin Tax', the different initiatives of National Parliaments in Europe as well as in the European Parliament ...
ECOFIN an open letter
Please find attached an open letter signed by some 30 MEPs and 10 members of national parliaments from 15 EU countries. This open letter was published in newspapers before the ECOFIN meeting in Liège in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain and United Kingdom