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the Tobin tax in the Parliaments  
In March 1999, the Canadian Parliament adopted a report in favour of the Tobin Tax by a two-thirds majority. Additionally the Canadian delegation to the UN Social Summit in June 2000 had an amendment added to the conclusion of the Summit asking for a study report on the Tobin Tax.
The Finnish Government officially took position in favour of the Tobin Tax. Erkki TUOMIOJA, Foreign Affairs Minister came before the European Parliament Intergroup on 28 June 2000 to confirm his government's support.
European Parliament
The 'Capital Tax, Fiscal Systems and Globalisation' Intergroup initiated a debate that lead to a motion of resolution in January 2000. This resolution called on the European Commission to produce a report within six months on the feasibility of the Tobin Tax. It was also proposing to 'involve' the IMF and the G7 Secretariat and to consider sanctions against states that encourage fiscal evasion. The resolution gained the vote of 220 MEPs but was defeated by 6 votes. On the 28 June 2001, the Intergroup organised the First Interparliamentary Meeting on the Tobin Tax that gathered Parliamentarians from Canada and 13 European countries, the Finnish Foreign Affairs Minister as well as economists and NGOs from Europe, USA, Canada and Tunisia. A new resolution will be tabled during the Belgian Presidency of the European Union in the second part of 2001.
United Kingdom
The War on Want Campaign in the UK led to a debate on the installation of the Tobin Tax in the House of Commons with Harry Barnes leading a group of 101 Parliamentarians from The Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and some Conservative Parliamentarians. In Northern Ireland, during their 30th Annual Conference in November 2000, the SDLP (Social Democratic Labour Party), unanimously adopted the Tobin Tax as Party Policy.
A Parliamentarian Front for the Tobin Tax was formed with the support of 100 members. President Cardoso himself spoke out in favour of the Tobin Tax at the November 1999 'Reformer's Summit' in front of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Lionel Jospin.
United States
On 11 April 2000, Peter DeFazio, US Representative and Paul Wellstone, US Senator tabled a resolution to the Congress. At the same time, the World Appeal was launched. May 2001, a new resolution calling for the installation of a tax on international financial transactions will be presented to the House of Representatives in the United States by Congressman Peter de Fazio. The text, besides asking for the implementation of a Tobin type tax, is asking for: - advocacy at the World Bank and the IMF, as well as within other regional and international organisations including the OECD, the G8 and the G20. - a global reform of the international financial organisations.
In the ATTAC Committee of the National Assembly, an amendment in favour of the installation of a Tobin-type tax has been tabled to any economic legislation with the support of more than 120 Parliamentarians. The Senate has adopted a similar position. In May 2000 the National Assembly Delegation for Relations with the European Union adopted a resolution "asking the French Presidency of the European Union to examine and suggest the installation of a tax on currency transactions, in order to combat speculative capital movements". In June 2000, two parliamentarians concluded their report on financial flow regulation by suggesting a trial period for the tax.
A resolution asking fro the installation of a Tobin tax was tabled both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate.
In June and October 2000, Joan Saura from the Congress of Deputies and Josť Cabrero from the Senate tabled legislation asking the government to create a Committee with a remit to study the installation of a tax system on speculative capital movements. 14 March 2001: Juan Manuel Eguiagaray from the Congress of Deputies presented at spanish CONGRESO DE LOS DIPUTADOS a new proposal on Tobin type tax adoption , on behalf of spanish socialist parliamentary group.
The Chamber of Representatives and the Senate adopted a resolution asking for the introduction of the Tobin Tax. The Belgium Presidency of the European Union that will take place during the second half of 2001 could be a good opportunity to take further initiatives.
Parliamentarians met to discuss the 'Tobin Tax' and presented a draft resolution. A similar draft resolution was also presented to the Senate. draft of the resolution
The Senator Josť Korzeniak, with the collaboration of ATTAC Uruguay, presented a bill at the end of May that "the Uruguayan state suggests at every level, international, bilateral, regional, continental and at world level that a tax of between 0.1% to 1% be imposed on financial speculative transactions ". The text of the bill
ACP-EU Joint Assembly  
The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly took a position in favour of the installation of a Tobin type tax during the plenary session on Wednesday 11 October 2000 in Brussels. The Parliamentarians who sit in this assembly come from the 15 European Union Member States and from more than 70 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific Regions. In the Resolution on 'ACP-EU Partnership and the Challenges of Globalisation', the Parliamentarians adopted a paragraph calling "on the major industrialised countries and notably on the European Union, to introduce a tax on capital transfers as proposed by Professor Tobin". introduce a tax on capital transfers as proposed by Professor Tobin".